Logos, etc

Assorted client work, 2018-2019

Joel Fendelman makes documentary films that examine belief and culture in an increasingly hard-to-figure-out world.


He and his producing partner asked me to design a logo for their production company.


My neighbor, Adam Toback, is a playwright and actor. I made this illustration for his handbills and posters.


The play is really good. If you're reading this before 4/14/19 you should definitely come.

first and last.png

Remedy House in Buffalo, NY wanted to update their mascot, Pepin.

Then they asked @jakethesignguy to make a hand-painted menu.

remedy house.png

They also wanted some tee shirts for Pride (Buffalo goes big) so I designed some.

remedy pride.png

Participatory Budgeting is a way for community members to decide how their Council-people spend the district's budget.

PB Buffalo wanted a way to share what their budgeting cycle (and participation!) created.

Pictured right, initial logo sketches + final in-situ signage.